Customs and tax consultings

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Advisory services in field of taxation and customs

Tax consultants in MuitasLietas have accrued a more than 10 years of experience during their work for State Revenue Service (SRS), as well as during more than 9 years of representing rights of our customers in disputes with SRS.

Our specialization includes both advisory services and legal assistance during tax audits performed by SRS, company representation in SRS, also in communication related to tax and post clearance audit, appealing against SRS resolutions in organization and in court, as well as preparation of documents and company representation in EU court.

We provide all kinds of advisory services in field of taxation and customs – analysis, written, oral consultations related to:

  • Tax application (VAT, Customs Duty, Excise tax,  Enterprise Incom tax etc.);
  • Customs payments;
  • Customs origin of goods;
  • Customs value;
  • Checking of documents for submission to a customs authority – both prior to submitting and after that, including checking the correspondence of internal customs documents of a merchant;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining permits in SRS (customs warehouses, excise warehouses, Authorised economic operators, customs simplifications, procedure permits, warranties);
  • Process of execution and appealing against resolutions adopted by customs authorities;
  • Post-clearance cases, including customs audit and customs declarations post-clearance;
  • Incompliance of breaches fixed by customs authorities, including administrative violations;
  • Obtaining references and binding tariffs statements;
  • Tax advisory services;
  • Representation of persons in SRS (including customs and Financial police).

Since 2013 MuitasLietas cooperates with law office Collegiumiuris. This cooperation provides an opportunity to give our customers the widest and most comprehensive legal assistance in customs and tax matters.