Customs and tax advice

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Advisory services in field of taxation and customs

Tax consultants in have more than 10 years of experience working for State Revenue Service (SRS) Customs Board and more than 10 years providing customs advice to our clients.

Our specialization includes both advisory services and legal assistance in customs field.

We provide all kinds of advisory services in field of taxation and customs – analysis, written, oral consultations related to:

  • Customs licenses and permits (Authorized economic operator AEO, customs warehouse, customs simplifications, procedure permits, customs warranty and its reduction/exemption; authorized consignor/consignee) – advice and consultations in all steps of receiving and holding licenses;
  • Customs debt, including appealing of decisions of Customs authorities;
  • Customs origin of goods;
  • Customs value;
  • Customs procedures;
  • Post-clearance cases, including customs audit and customs declarations post-clearance inspections;
  • Representation of clients interests in cases of violations, including administrative violations, in customs field;
  • Excise tax and VAT (import/export) advisory services.