EORI number – the need for customs clearance.

Considering the interest of clients and Great Britain`s exit the European Union, we are re-publishing updated information on receiving an EORI number.

What is an EORI number?

To ensure uniform identification all persons at European Union customs offices, regulatory enactments stipulate that the EORI number is used. EORI is a unique number in the European Union assigned by the customs authorities of a Member State. EORI meaning is – Economic Operators Registration and Identification. EORI number determination in Latvia is regulated as of 03.01.2017. Cabinet Regulation No. 18 “Regulations on Registration and Identification in the Field of Customs”.

The EORI number for legal entities registered in Latvia is formed by adding the country code “LV” at the beginning of the registration number. The EORI number corresponds to the VAT number but must be obtained separately.

The EORI number is assigned once and is valid for customs formalities throughout the European Union.

How to get an EORI number?

To receive an EORI number, a person must fill in a certain form eori_numura_pieprasijums and submit it to the customs office where the person intends to complete customs formalities or to the Customs Board. Assign an EORI number immediately upon receipt of the application at the customs office, at the same time the customs office shall send the person an electronic confirmation of the assignment of the EORI number.

The application can be submitted using the SRS EDS system in the Information section for the Customs Board or signed with an electronic signature and sent to e-mail mp.lietvediba@vid.gov.lv.

European Union EORI database.